About Threshold

Threshold was founded in 1978. We are a registered charity whose aim is to secure a right to housing, particularly for households experiencing the problems of poverty and exclusion.

We do this by:

  • Campaigning for suitable housing delivered on a rights base approach
  • Analysing existing problems and seeking innovative approaches and solutions through quality research
  • Providing independent advisory and advocacy services
  • Working in collaboration with others for those disadvantaged by the housing system
  • Providing long-term solutions for people who are homeless

Management & Structure

Threshold is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors.

Threshold is registered charity, our charity number is: 20011031.

Our company details are:

Threshold Ltd.
Company Limited by Guarantee
and Not Having a Share Capital
Registered in Ireland

Registered Office:
21 Stoneybatter,
Dublin 7.

Company Number: 70 660