Our Impact

We provide information, support, and advice to thousands of people facing homelessness or experiencing housing issues.


Throughout 2019, Threshold’s advisors:

  • Answered 267 calls per day
  • Carried out a total of 82,357 actions on behalf of renters
  • Represented 343 households at the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB)
  • Provided 1,278 outreach consultations

In 2019 we assisted over 12,000 households at risk of homelessness and prevented homelessness for 8,351 of those households

In 2019, Threshold answered

67,831 calls from tenants in need of advice and support.

That equates to 267 calls a day.


In 2019, Threshold assisted

over 12,000 households at risk of homelessness


Threshold prevented

8,351 households from losing their homes

That is 7,916 children and 10,709 adults.


  • In Cork, Threshold prevented 1,742 households from entering homelessness throughout 2019, including 1,425 children.
  • Threshold prevented a total of 2,984 households in Dublin from entering homelessness throughout 2019, including 3,064 children.
  • A total of 281 households in Limerick were prevented from entering homelessness throughout 2019, including 238 children.
  • And in the West of Ireland, a total of 2,170 households were prevented from entering homelessness, including 2,004 children


From assisting those who are having housing difficulties to helping people keep their homes, Threshold is making a real difference in people’s lives.


Without your support, many more families would be homeless and many renters would be lacking the protection they need.

Thank you for helping us make the difference in so many people's lives.