Local Property Tax

The Local Property Tax (LPT) is an annual self-assessed tax charged on the market value of all residential properties in the State.

In relation to privately rented accommodation, landlords (where the property is rented under a short-term lease for less than 20 years) are liable for payment. Where there is a lease for 20 years or more it is the lease holder who is responsible. If your landlord seeks to pass this tax on to you directly please contact your nearest Threshold office for further advice.

 If you are a tenant and you have received correspondence in relation to the local property tax which suggests that you are liable for the property you are renting, you should contact Revenue immediately to advise as to why you are not liable for payment otherwise you will remain on the system and could be pursued for payment of the local property tax.

Lo call 1890 200 255* or email *Rates charged for the use of 1890 Lo-Call numbers may vary among service providers.

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