Preparing for cold weather

Weather alerts may be issued on a national or regional basis during adverse weather conditions and you should regularly check for updates from Met Eireann and national and local media.

During winter months your landlord should not delay in ensuring that your private rented accommodation meets basic minimum standards. It is important for both landlord and tenant to check the property regularly to ensure everything is working properly. All repairs should be reported to your landlord immediately. Below are some tips to help tenants during cold weather.

  • Ensure that you have adequate heating. If there is a problem with your heating contact the landlord immediately. If there is a delay in repairing the problem seek an interim solution for example temporary heaters.
  • Wear extra layers of clothing at home.
  • Ensure that you have the proper facilities to cook hot meals and enough space to store food including a fridge/freezer or fridge and freezer.
  • Ensure you have adequate provisions for a couple of days and have regular hot drinks and meals.
  • Make sure you have running hot and cold water and that pipes are properly protected against frost.
  • If there are problems with the water do not leave tap open as this can cause flooding when water supply returns.
  • Check in with elderly/vulnerable neighbours living in private rented accommodation to ensure that they are ok.
  • Where there is ice/snow ensure that pathways etc are clear.
  • Do not make any unnecessary journeys.




What to do

Report all problems to your landlord immediately.

If this does not resolve the issue contact your nearest Threshold office for further advice and assistance.

If necessary, the matter may need to be reported to your local authority and the property inspected by an environmental health officer.


Further Information

Check with your Local authority as they put in place specific plans such as the Cold Weather Strategy to increass the number of emergency beds and supports available 

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