Advice for students

Tips for students on how to end your tenancy correctly and get your deposit back

At the end of each college year, Threshold receives many queries from students living in private rented accommodation who are unsure of their lease obligations, what notice they are required to give when leaving  their rented accommodation and how to get their deposit back.

Following the tips below will help ensure that your tenancy is ended correctly and that you have a greater chance of getting your deposit back when you leave.

  • If you have a lease agreement, check it to see if there are restrictions on when you can terminate the tenancy. A lease is a legally binding contract for a fixed term, usually one year, so if you leave before it ends you are breaking the lease; you could lose your deposit and you may also be liable for the rent for the remainder of the lease
  • If notice of termination of tenancy can be given ensure you do so in writing and that you give the correct period of notice according to the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 and make sure to keep a copy. A template notice of termination of tenancy is available from the Useful Downloads section on this page.
  • Make sure that all rent and bills are paid up to date and that the transfer of accounts, such as ESB, is arranged in advance
  • Clean the property thoroughly and take dated photographs of every room.
  • Remove all of your belongings
  • Return the keys
  • Your landlord does not have to return your deposit on the day you leave but it must be returned promptly. Threshold suggests that 14 days is a reasonable timeframe for the return of a deposit under normal circumstances. A landlord may only keep some or all of a deposit to cover rent arrears, bills or the costs of repairing any damage above normal wear and tear
  • You should request receipts for any deductions made from your deposit
  • Keep records of all correspondence with your landlord/agent
  • Provide your landlord with a forwarding address

What to do

  • For further information and advice on student accommodation, please contact Union of Students in Ireland (USI) by clicking here or emailing 
  • If your landlord fails to return your deposit or makes unfair deductions, you will need to refer your case to the Private Residential Tenancies Board (RTB). A guide to the RTB Dispute Resolution Service can be Useful Downloads section on this page

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