Should I be given a rent book or lease?

Your landlord is obliged under law to provide you with a rent book or other document such as a lease

Threshold rent book


Your landlord must, by law, provide you with at least a rent book or other document such as a lease, which you keep. It is used to record all rent, deposit, and any other payments made by you. The rent book or lease should contain other useful information on the tenancy including an inventory list of all items provided as part of the tenancy, your details, and the name, address, and contact details of your landlord and their agent if they have one.

All payments must be recorded either in the rent book or, if you pay through the bank, by receipt stating the amount, the purpose, the date of the payment, and the period to which it relates. 

Where a payment is made by any other method, for example direct debit, your landlord must, not more than 3 months after receipt, either record it in the rent book or provide you with a written statement of the amount, purpose and the date of the payment and the period to which it relates.

What to do

  • If your landlord refuses to provide you with a rent book or other document such as a lease or receipts for rent paid, inform them of the fact that they are obliged under law to do so. Use the template letter in the Useful Downloads section on this page.
  • If this does not resolve the matter, Threshold can help you contact your local authority, whose are responsible for ensuring that the Rent Book Regulations are adhered to.


Order your rent book

  • Individual rent books can easily be ordered through the website by making a payment on our donate page. The cost of a rent book is €2 excluding postage and packaging costs. Please ensure you provide your full name and address when making the donation.
  • For bulk orders contact your nearest Threshold office or phone us on 1800 454 454