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At the Mercy of the Markets

Posted on March 31, 2019 by PJ Drudy


If we are serious about providing homes for all our people, we need to first ask ourselves - and answer – one key question. What is the main purpose of housing?  Is housing yet another market commodity subject to the “market” forces of supply and demand to be traded like other commodities such as cars, racehorses or stocks and shares? This view sees housing primarily as a means of speculation, profit-making and procuring capital gain and wealth by property developers, investors, …

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The curse of the cure

Posted on March 10, 2019 by John-Mark McCafferty


How do you show something that isn’t there? How do you represent something which hasn’t happened? How do you explain your success when it’s …an absence of something? In any event, they say when you’re explaining, you’re losing. At this time of continued crisis in the housing and homelessness sector, the need to show delivery is vital: cold weather emergency beds; homeless hubs; services to make the lives of homeless people a little easier. With up to 10,000 people officially …

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