Right to Housing


The Right to Housing
Ireland is in a housing disaster. With over 10,000 homeless people in Ireland, urgent action is needed. Without a Right to Housing in the Constitution, there is no duty on the Government to ensure all people have access to adequate housing. By holding a Referendum to insert a Right to Housing in the Constitution, the people of Ireland would be given the opportunity to send a message to the Government about its role in ensuring access to safe, secure, affordable housing.

If the people of Ireland vote to insert such a right, then the current Government, and all future Governments, will be obliged to use this as the basis for their decision making when it comes to housing policy and legislation.

Read more about what a Right to Housing would mean for Ireland on the Home for Good coalition website.

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The Housing Commission, who have been tasked with creating the wording for the referendum on the Right to Housing, is calling for the public to submit their opinion on whether there should be a constitutional amendment and if so, what form it should take.

Anyone can make a submission and we ask you do so and that you encourage your friends and family to take action as well! We have created wording below for you to use, just sign your name and email and submit!

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