Threshold's impact during Covid

Threshold'sImpact_eventbriteThreshold's Impact during Covid


In an ideal world, a home is a place of sanctuary, offering protection from the stresses and strains of daily living.

And this is what we all deserve.  

But the reality, for many of Threshold’s clients, has been anything but ideal and in some cases, people have come home to find the locks changed, their belongings still inside and with nowhere to go.

When families and individuals received notices of termination, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, they did not know if and when they had to move out. But Threshold's team of housing advisors remained constant, guiding private renters amid the confusion, as events unfolded and legislation changed.


Join us on Wednesday, July 21st at 11am in a unique celebration of Threshold's impact during a historic and tumultuous year.

Hear the stories of Tessa, Sheila and Rachel, three of Threshold's frontline workers, as they share their experiences of saving families and individuals from homelessness during Covid. 

We will also be sharing the results of our Tenant Sentiment Survey which examines peoples’ experiences of renting - including the difficulty in finding a home to rent, their relationship with their landlord and how long they have been renting.


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