The Impact of your Legacy

A gift in your Will works hard and changes lives after you’re gone. It’s easy to do, costs nothing now but makes invaluable change happen in the future. It’s a gift that will fund solutions to homelessness. That will provide hope for families, children and individuals. That will build secure and happy futures.

"Threshold provides an essential service that not only prevents homelessness but generates possibilities for every person they help. They give hope back to people. Having a home and having hope means you can have a life. There is nothing more precious than that..." – Eve O'Brien, Threshold client.

The Gift of a Warm Secure Home 

Alexandra - small

Some call Threshold facing a very frightening future. A future of being homeless. But a legacy gift will ensure Threshold can do everything they can to help a family to stay in their home. 

Alexandra and her 2 children had lived happily in their rented home for over 4 years. The letting agent changed and without warning Alexandra received a 7 day notice for alleged anti-social behaviour. Alexandra was shocked, having never had any problems or difficulties the entire time they had live there. She was terrified, not knowing what would happen in 7 days.

Alexandra called Threshold. She spoke to a Housing Advisor who looked at the notice and told Alexandra it was invalid. However, the agent persisted in trying to evict Alexandra. With the help of Threshold she lodged a dispute with the Residential Tenancy Board, where we represented her and the notices were found invalid. Alexandra and her children have been able to remain safe in her home. 

A simple legacy gift helped us to answer Alexandra's call and meant we were by her side every step of the way. 


A Legacy of Hope in Galway

To see the extraordinary power of a legacy gift, you just need to step into our office in Galway. There's a desk at the front, and a friendly face to meet you when you arrive. But this is more than just an office. These four walls have been a haven of hope for those facing the nightmare of homelessness. And all made possible because of an extraordinary act - a legacy gift. 

Galway Small

The gift, left in 2016, meant Threshold could strengthen our support for tenants in Galway. With more space, our team of Housing Advisors has expanded from 4 to 7 and an extra consultation room to support families has been opened. 

But more than that, this legacy gift enables our team in Galway to meet with the most vulnerable and the most at risk. The location of the office means we can finally have a drop-in service that is easily found and easily accessed. With every bus stopping just outside the door, we're never far away. And meeting face to face means that soon as someone walks through the door, we're here to help.

Karina Timothy, Manager of the Threshold Western Region Services says of the legacy gift:

‘This donor has strengthened our services to such an extent it will be felt for generations. The new office has enabled us to connect with the community in a way we were never able to do before. Often, the most vulnerable in society do not have things that we take for granted - access to a laptop, the ability to email, phone credit. With a drop-in service we can help them with filling out housing applications, applying for housing support that they otherwise may not be able to do. It provides the most vulnerable with access to support they need.’

Since June 2016, this kind donor has enabled Threshold to support 13,413 people in Galway. 


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