Threshold Bedtime Stories

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin... Social-2

Threshold, in partnership with Children's Books Ireland and Laureate na N'Óg, is proud to bring you Bedtime Stories, a collection of truly magical audio tales by Ireland's best-loved writers to support Threshold's home-saving work. 

Colm Tóibín, Michael Harding, Anne Enright, Sebastian Barry, John Spillane, Bríd Brennan, Dave Rudden, Bosco and many, many more have all donated a recording of a story to Threshold. 

Delve right in and hear stories and poems of all kinds, for children and adults alike. Favourites from Frank O’Connor, poems from Patrick Kavanagh, oral tales from the Travelling Community and well-loved Irish folk tales. There’s stories in English and Irish, Arabic and Polish - something for everyone... 

Contributor Niamh Cusack says

"Threshold is a charity that is doing essential work to keep families together with a roof over their heads. We all deserve a home. No one should be homeless and without hope. To have people living in destitution is a reflection on us all. Threshold is part of an essential solution." 

This wonderful support from the literary and entertainment community comes at a time when it is crucial we work to save every home. Now more than ever support is needed for Threshold's home-saving services. And through Bedtime Stories, you can listen in knowing you're doing all you can to help. 


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