Den Day at Home

This your chance to do something really incredible. Build a Den and Save a Home.


To get started: Den-Day-Threshold---Main

1) Sign up using the form below

2) Join our Facebook group

3) Set up your Facebook Fundraiser 

4) Tell us where to send the pack (we'll tell you how when you've done 1 - 3)



It's that simple! Choose any day in May, or make everyday Den Day - it's completely up to you! 

The important part is our Facebook group will be active for the entire month. Join in, get ideas and inspiration and share your Den making skills.


Threshold receives 200 calls a day from people in Ireland looking for help to keep their home. This is YOUR chance to stop homelessness - before it starts. 

Join us to make an incredible difference today. 


(c) Photo by Andres Poveda

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