Den Day for Threshold

Grab the pillows, your snacks and a torch - it's time to build a den and save a home! 

Across the country, families, schools and clubs are getting together to make a den and save a family from homelessness.


 Den-Day-for-Threshold-Rocket-MayTwo chairs and blanket makes a cave; a painted box with fairy lights is a castle; a tarpaulin on your balcony is a ship on the ocean. The possibilities are endless.

And the best part about a den? It’s somewhere to feel safe and secure.

Because never has home been so vital. In Ireland we're still trying to navigate our way through the pandemic. Many have already lost their jobs and are worried about losing their homes and keeping their family safe. 

By hosting your very own Den Day you can help to save a family from homelessness. All it takes is a little creativity and a wild imagination! 


To host a Den Day for Threshold, at home, with your school or club - just click on the relevant link below. 


Den Day at Home              Den Day at School             Den Day with your Club 


We'll keep you updated on how your progress is helping families all over Ireland to stay safe and keep their homes. 


"The moment I picked up the phone to Threshold and I started to tell my story, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I really felt, Threshold are my guardian angels" - Maggie, Threshold client


If you would like to run a Den Day in your workplace, or would like more information on Den Day, please get in touch with Katie on