Den Day for Threshold

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Make a den. Save a home.  


Get your Home Team together and build a den to stop homelessness.   


If you would like to run your own Den Day for Threshold challenge, at home, with a community group or with your workplace just sign up at the link below to receive your digital Den Day for Threshold Pack. If you need any more tips or ideas on fundraising just get in touch with Katie on


Never has home been so vital.  And that’s why we're working to prevent homelessness, now more than ever. Requests for our help have increased significantly since the Covid 19 crisis began. Many are worried about losing their jobs, their homes and keeping their family safe. 

So we’re inviting you to get creative for a day, and build your very own safe haven at home. In your garden, on the balcony, under the kitchen table – your imagination is the only limit! And we do ask that you follow the HSE guidelines too.


Here’s what you need to do:  


Step 1. Sign up using the form below to get your digital Den Day pack

Step 2. Make a donation to Threshold online or start a Facebook Fundraiser 

Step 3. Get building! At home, in the garden - wherever and whenever suits you (following HSE guidelines of course!)

And don't forget to share pictures of your Den Day creations online using #DenDayforThreshold. 




For more information on taking part, please see our FAQ section, or contact

Thank you for you for supporting a family to keep their home safe. 


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Your Den Day for Threshold Pack will include inspiration for making your den and much, much more.

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