Threshold Easter Appeal


Will you make a special Easter gift to Threshold and offer a lifeline of support to terrified young families on the brink of homelessness?

Today alone, Threshold’s Helpline will answer around 306 calls from people and families all over Ireland.

One call Threshold answered was from Chris. When the wife and mother of his two young children became seriously ill, Chris was left with no choice – he had to give up work.

And then Chris got a letter from the landlord – the rent was going up by €350. His family could barely afford the existing rent.

Threshold saved Chris’s family from homelessness – but there are thousands more like his all across Ireland dangerously close to losing their precious family homes.

Threshold must be there when they call our Helpline. There is so much we can do to keep them in the homes they have – before homelessness traps them – probably for years – in emergency accommodation.

Threshold is saving nine families every day from homelessness. So, we must keep answering these cries for help.

Please donate today and make a home-saving gift to Threshold this Easter. Your gift will prevent homelessness and keep families like Chris’s in their homes.

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