Case Studies

Mother with four young children

Threshold_Case Study_mother of fourMary and her four boys are one of many families that Threshold have helpedMary, a mother of four young children, two of whom had a diagnosed disability was residing in a homeless hostel with her children for 5 months when they were referred to the Access Housing Unit in September. It was Mary's first experience of homelessness but had found it impossible to find a way out of homelessness.

The Access Housing Unit began working with Mary to find appropriate accommodation, which proved to be very difficult. There were very few thee bedroomed properties available that accepted rent supplement and there was high demand for the few that did. The AHU accompanied Mary on viewings of properties around the city before it was successful in locating a four bedroomed property in an area that suited Mary. It was close to local amenities and near the children's school. Josephine viewed the property and was successful in securing the tenancy.

Mary has successfully integrated herself into her new community and continues to link in with the AHU, which is providing her with on-going tenancy sustainment support.


Older single man supported out of homeless

Threshold_Case Study_senior citizenPaul, aged 67 is one of many people Threshold have helped access housing.

Paul who is 67, found himself homeless the first time in his life and was staying in an emergency homeless hostel. When he first met with the AHU, he was extremely nervous and unsure of the services available to him. The AHU provided pre-tenancy support to Paul and then supported him to find a house to rent, helping him organise his rent supplement payment. He continues to live independently.

This is what Paul said of the service:

" The AHU helped me to find a house. It gave me a way out; it was my first time homeless, without them I would not have known who to approach or where to go. When I was housed, I was not left alone and forgotten about, they helped me to get other things done and they still always phone and call up to me. "

What service users say about the Access Housing Unit:

'' I was stuck in a rut and now I'm not anymore because I know the Access Housing Unit are there to support me. "

"You need the extra help these days to find a place because there aren't many out there and that's what's the A.H.U. did for me."

'' I would have been homeless without the AHU, within 2 days of contacting them I had a new home. I could not be more thankful.''

"Working with the A.H.U. provided me with a solid foundation, it's nice having someone solid available to back you up."

"The A.H.U helped me with more than accommodation, they acted like a counsellor for me, listening and providing good advice. Taking the time to sit down and having a cup of tea means a lot to someone."