#OwnYourRights: We can help you with your renting crisis


Are you having a rental crisis? We can help

Are you a tenant experiencing issues with your landlord? You have rights, and Threshold can help make sure you know what they are, and how to put them into action.

Get help now - contact Threshold

  • Our Freephone line is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm - call 1800 454 454
  • Our webchat service is open Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 5 pm 
  • You can email us via our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Save our details for when you might need them

Download the PDF card with the contact details for our helplines, in case of a renting emergency. You can save this PDF to your phone, your Dropbox, or your computer hard drive. Feel free to share it with friends and housemates.


Click the link to save our contact information:  

Threshold Information Card

Threshold Information Document 2021 

Your rights as a tenant

Tenant rights have been further strengthened due to legal changes since 2016 onwards, including:


  • the extension of Rent Pressure Zone protections to 2024, with rent increases linked to inflation
  • deposits now being capped at one month’s rent maximum 
  • rent freezes and eviction ban protections for tenants impacted by COVID-19 


The Own Your Rights' campaign is encouraging tenants to contact Threshold to ensure they are fully aware of these rights and can benefit from these further protections.


About the Own Your Rights campaign

In response to the urgent crisis in the Irish rental market, Threshold has launched Own Your Rights, a new campaign to provide tenants throughout Ireland with the immediate and urgent assistance they need.

Our mission is to solve housing problems and prevent homelessness by offering urgent solutions to private renters who may be experiencing issues with their tenancy.  Own Your Rights highlights several issues that have been identified by us as the most common and urgent problems facing Irish tenants including;


  • Illegal evictions
  • Unfair rent increases
  • Poor rental standards
  • Risk of homelessness


Own Your Rights also places an emphasis on the severe mental health impact of tenancy issues on renters while providing essential advice and support to help address housing problems. Our experience on the frontline indicates consistently high levels of stress and anxiety among tenants around Ireland brought on by the crisis situation in the private rental market.


Save our contact details

You can download a card with our helpline and webchat contact details, to keep on hand in case of a renting crisis. Save the PDF to your phone, computer or Dropbox folder so you can easily find the details in case of an emergency.


Click the link to save our contact information:  

Threshold Information Card

Threshold Information Document 2021