2021 Tenant Sentiment Survey

2021 Tenant Sentiment Survey



The findings of our latest Tenant Sentiment Survey expose the lack of security of tenure, the poor standards, and the high rents that are making the private rented sector an undesirable place to live.

Our 2021 annual Tenant Sentiment Survey shows that there is a huge gap between people’s aspirations and their expectations, as well as a lack of faith in the ability of the current housing system to meet these expectations. The finding that the vast majority of renters over the age of 24 would prefer not to rent is quite stark. As renters get older, the cost and long-term insecurity they face is a real challenge for them and, ultimately, for society. We are at a crossroads, with a huge shortage of affordable housing to buy or rent – most of Threshold's clients just don’t see a future that gives them what they need.

Key findings from the survey show that

  • Only a quarter of those renting in Ireland do so by choice
  • Over half (56%) said they rent because they are unable to buy their own home
  • 61% wish to own their own home within five years, but only 30% expect they will be able to
  • Less than half (47%) feel secure in their rented home
  • 88% found it difficult or extremely difficult to find a secure home