Threshold Publications

Ending a TenancyEnding a Tenancy Threshold's guide on how a tenancy should be properly ended

Issued : May 2014
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Resolving Problems during a tenancyResolving Problems during a tenancy Threshold's guide on how to deal with disputes during a tenancy

Issued : May 2014

Seeking Rented AccommodationSeeking Rented Accommodation Threshold's advice and tips for tenants renting accommodation

Issued : May 2014
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Threshold Submission to JOC on Finance April 2014Threshold Submission to JOC on Finance April 2014

Issued : April 2014
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2014 Threshold Spring newsletter2014 Threshold Spring newsletter - news, insights and achievements

Issued : March 2014
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Issued : November 2013
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Issued : November 2012
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Threshold's Pre-Budget Submission 2013Threshold's Pre-Budget Submission 2013 Pre Budget Submission to the Department of Social Protection

Issued : September 2012
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Threshold Annual Report 2010Threshold Annual Report 2010

Issued : January 2011
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Pre-budget submission 2011Pre-budget submission 2011

Issued : October 2010
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Threshold Annual Report 2009Threshold Annual Report 2009

Issued : January 2010
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Open Door - Lone Parents in the private rented sectorOpen Door - Lone Parents in the private rented sector - problems and policies

Issued : December 2009
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Pre-Budget Submission 2010Pre-Budget Submission 2010

Issued : September 2009
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Threshold Annual Report 2008Threshold Annual Report 2008

Issued : January 2009
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