A Platform for Action on Housing - GE 2020 Threshold's General Election Manifesto

A Platform for Action on Housing - GE 2020



Threshold's platform for the 2020 General Election is based on the lived experience of the clients we support every day.

Threshold has campaigned for and contributed to making the private rented sector a viable tenure of choice. Many positive changes have been made but there are some areas that still require improvement.

In advance of the General Election we are asking for commitments on the issues of 


  • Measures to improve the viability of the Private Rented Sector
  • Increased investment in evidence based homeless prevention initiatives
  • A commitment to increase all housing stock owned and managed by the Local Authorities and A.H.B.s to 20% by 2033 and 25% by 2040.
  • A twenty-year Housing Strategy to stretch beyond the lifetime of any one Government - this will require the establishment of a Commission on the Future of Housing in Ireland, to consist of elected representatives and members of civil society.
  • A Right to a Home be enshrined in our Constitution.