Threshold Tenant Sentiment Survey 2020Threshold Tenant Sentiment Survey 2020

Issued : November 2020
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The Future of the Private Rented Sector ...The Future of the Private Rented Sector ... Policy proposals for the Programme for Government

Issued : July 2020
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A Platform for Action on Housing - GE 2020A Platform for Action on Housing - GE 2020 Threshold's General Election Manifesto

Issued : January 2020
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HAP Survey Report 2019HAP Survey Report 2019

Issued : July 2019
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toppinup_surveytoppinup_survey A survey on the Housing Assistance Payment

Issued : April 2019
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Tenant-Survey-National-ResultsTenant-Survey-National-Results Less than a third of Threshold clients choose to rent

Issued : June 2018
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Dublin Tenancy Protection Service Dublin Tenancy Protection Service Threshold’s Dublin Tenancy Protection Service- One year of preventing homelessness.

Issued : September 2015
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Open Door - Lone Parents in the private rented sectorOpen Door - Lone Parents in the private rented sector - problems and policies

Issued : December 2009
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Cork Rent Supplement Report July 2005Cork Rent Supplement Report July 2005 - living in the private rented sector and supported by the Rent Supplement Scheme

Issued : July 2005
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Opportunity Knocks ?Opportunity Knocks ? - the potential of Irish financial institutions investing in private rented housing market.

Issued : July 2004
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Threshold 25 Year ReviewThreshold 25 Year Review - a collection of essays on housing legislation, housing rights, homelessness , the land market, private rented and social housing.

Issued : May 2004
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Rent Supplement - Social Policy Report Rent Supplement - Social Policy Report - A Discussion Paper prepared jointly by Threshold and Comhairle

Issued : November 2002
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Housing Access For All An Analysis of Housing Strategies and Homeless Action Plans

Issued : September 2002
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Housing Rights - A New Agenda Conference PapersHousing Rights - A New Agenda Conference Papers Papers Delivered at a conference hosted by Threshold

Issued : May 2002
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New Agenda for Housing FlyerNew Agenda for Housing Flyer Threshold Strategic Plan

Issued : May 2002
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Who Wants To Be A LandlordWho Wants To Be A Landlord A profile of Landlords in Dublin City

Issued : November 2001
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Behind Open DoorsBehind Open Doors Out of court options for housing debt cases.

Issued : May 2000
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As Safe As HousesAs Safe As Houses The Nature,Extent and Experience of Debt in the Housing System

Issued : May 1997
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Vetting The LettingVetting The Letting A report on the practices of accommodation agencies in Ireland

Issued : June 1995
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Outlook 1993Outlook 1993 15 years of preventing problems and encouraging change

Issued : May 1993
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Private Rented - The Forgotten SectorPrivate Rented - The Forgotten Sector

Issued : January 1981
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Threshold - The First YearThreshold - The First Year May 1979

Issued : May 1979
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