HAP Survey Report 2019

HAP Survey Report 2019



The gap between Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) and rents in the private rental sector is putting more families at risk of homelessness. While HAP is intended to help families secure a place to live, the reality is that HAP limits are insufficient to allow many on low incomes to secure, private rental accommodation.

Our survey report also contains many examples of the difficulties HAP tenants face, including the discrimination experienced by some vulnerable households trying to access housing in the Private Rental Sector (PRS), who must compete with other prospective tenants who may be seen as more desirable by landlords.

Threshold and SVP are calling for a complete review of HAP and its interaction with the PRS to determine the next steps for HAP given the changing landscape of housing and renting in Ireland.

We are  also calling for greater provision of social housing by the local authorities and AHBs and we are highlighting the urgent need for “real” affordable rental, whereby the rent reflects ability to pay as opposed to being indexed to market rents or purely to the cost of provision."