Impact on homelessness on children a submission to the Joint Oireachtas on Children and Youth Affairs

Impact on homelessness on children



Children who have experienced homelessness are more likely to have health problems, go hungry, experience developmental delays and have higher rates of depression, anxiety and behaviour disorders than other children. Excessive noise, the lack of space, laundry, bathroom and cooking facilities, the absence of play, no visitor rules,  displacement and daily uncertainty all have a negative and long lasting impact on children. The long lasting effects of such trauma and displacement can put the child at increased risk of poverty, social exclusion and adult homelessness long after they have moved out of homeless services.

Threshold's submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Children and Youth Affairs sets out the scale and duration of homelessness, the impact of homelessness on children’s physical, mental, educational and social needs, the causes of family homelessness, the work Threshold carries out to prevent homelessness and recommendations for the prevention of homelessness.