Making a difference Threshold 2019 Annual Report

Making a difference



As Ireland’s housing crisis continued throughout 2019, Threshold’s response to the needs of renters across the country deepened. Our specialist advisors worked on more cases than ever before, carried out more actions than ever before, and saved more homes and families from homelessness than ever before.

For thousands of individuals and families, Threshold was the difference between the security and bedrock of a home and the chaos and trauma of homelessness. This is the real power of Threshold’s work, and the real impact of investing in prevention, and stopping homelessness before it starts.

In 2019 we assisted over 12,000 households at risk of homelessness and prevented homelessness for 8,351 of those households - a success rate of 69 percent. This is noteworthy given just how challenging the private rented sector is for many tenants and the ease with which tenancies can be terminated in various circumstances.

The top five issues which tenants approached Threshold about were, in descending order, tenancy termination, followed by a rent review or increase, standards or repairs issues, deposit retention, and assistance with seeking accommodation. Tenancy termination was by far the biggest issue facing tenants who used our services that year.