Saving Homes Threshold's Pre-Budget Submission 2020

Saving Homes



Changes at a structural level are required to truly address the causes of homelessness in tandem with targeted investment and policies to prevent homelessness. Threshold’s recommendations are designed to bring about a realisation of a rental sector that is attractive, viable and secure within the broader housing landscape. There is a much stronger role for the State in the achievement of this vision. A recognition of housing as a right, as a basic social need as opposed to a commodity is a necessary starting point if Government housing policy is to be successful.

In our 2020 pre-budget submission, Threshold has put forward a comprehensive set of recommendations designed to

  1. prevent homelessness,
  2. increase sustainability in the PRS;
  3. improve the standards and energy efficiency of housing in the PRS,
  4. render the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) fit-for-purpose,
  5. protect tenants’ deposits and increase the supply and provision of affordable housing.