Tenant-Survey-National-Results Less than a third of Threshold clients choose to rent




Results from a survey of more than 300 tenants who had used Threshold’s service (nationally) conducted in April 2018

  • 96% of tenants found it either difficult or extremely difficult to find rental accommodation.
  • 45% of tenants spend nearly a third (30%) of their take home pay on rent, with 14% saying they spend more than half of their earnings on rent.
  • 70% of tenants have been renting for five years or longer.
  • 44% of tenants still expect to be renting in five years’ time.
  • 47% of tenants said they felt insecure in their tenancy.
  • 31% of tenants had experienced a rent increase in the previous 12 months, with 65% of those saying the rent had been increased in excess of the 4% Rent Pressure Zone cap.