Threshold Annual Report 2016

Threshold Annual Report 2016



By the end of 2016, Threshold had prevented over 10,000 people at immediate risk from losing their homes. The extent of the affordability crisis within the private rented sector was most visible in the numbers of families entering homeless services. In December 2016, homelessness figures showed that nationally there were over 7,000 people in emergency homeless accommodation, with nearly 40% of them being children.

During 2016 we had seen examples of illegal rent reviews, landlords giving notices of termination in spurious circumstances to existing tenants in order to secure a higher rents and failures to keep accommodation up to minimum standards

 In 2016 tenancy terminations and substandard accommodation ranked equally as the top two issues recorded by our services. This was followed by queries by those seeking accommodation rent reviews and invalid notices.

Throughout 2016 ,Threshold had been proud to make a real difference in advocating for those in housing need and working at the forefront of homeless prevention through our Tenancy Protection Service (TPS).