Threshold Annual Report 2018 Solving housing problems, Preventing homelessness

Threshold Annual Report 2018



In the year 2018, Threshold carried out 67,710 actions on behalf of tenants to fight for their homes and prevented 5,161 households from becoming homeless. That’s 4,451 children and 7,111 adults who would have lost their homes without Threshold’s support.

Highlights of the report include:

  • “Of the notices of termination we dealt with,  over half of them were invalid ,The single biggest reason given for notices of termination was that the property was to be sold, and the incidence of this was higher than in 2017.


  • Threshold represented 254 clients at the Residential Tenancies Board in 2018, almost three times the number in 2017. There was also an increase in the number of tenants seeking support in relation to mass eviction cases.


  • There was an increase in the number of cases of discrimination against tenants in receipt of Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) in 2018. Under the law a landlord cannot discriminate against people on the grounds that they are in receipt of rent supplement, HAP or other social welfare payments. In 2018, Threshold supported six clients to take cases for discrimination to the Workplace Relations Commission.


  • Some tenants are paying unaffordable “top-ups” to their landlord as the HAP rate is far below market rent. These tenants are being forced into extreme financial hardship and poverty.


  • Cases are becoming increasingly complex, requiring in-depth legal knowledge and resources. This is due to the complexity of the legislation, the shortage of housing in Ireland and the ongoing rent increases across the country. The tenants’ stories presented in the annual report illustrate the complex nature of the work.