Threshold Prebudget submission 2021 to the DEASP

Threshold Prebudget submission 2021 to the DEASP




Threshold have submitted a number of recommendations to address the prevention of homelessness and the enhancement of the Community Employment Scheme in our 2021 pre-budget submission to the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection,

Our recommendations include :

1. (a) An increase in rent supplement limits to reflect rent increases since Q2 2016. (b) Conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine the impact that removing rent supplement limits entirely would have on rents in the PRS.

2. Ensure rent supplement and the Interim Tenancy Sustainment Protocol (ITSP) remain available long-term to those who, due to individual circumstance, require the greater flexibility rent supplement has to offer compared to the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP).

3. Establish a three-year Community Employment (CE) scheme which credits the in-depth nature of the job related training and constant mentoring that Threshold CE employees receive.

4. An increase in or relaxation of the training allowance limits for CE participants