Threshold Tenant Sentiment Survey 2020

Threshold Tenant Sentiment Survey 2020



Threshold's tenant sentiment survey was conducted between February and August 2020 and assesses the sentiment and outlook of over 150 tenants in the private rented sector in Ireland.

The respondents were previous clients of Threshold who had closed their case with us at least six months prior to the survey taking place and had consented to contact for the purposes of research. We contacted the clients by phone and asked them a series of questions over the phone. Thank you to Andrea, Mary, Eoghan, Jane, Sheila and Randall for making the calls.

We asked questions about the person’s socio-economic background, their length of time in the rented sector, their choices and aspirations in respect of housing, the amount spent on rent and their feelings of security in the rental sector.

Unfortunately, the findings paint a grim picture of tenants experience in the private rented sector and also highlights the complete inadequacy of the private rented sector in providing housing solutions for a large proportion of the Irish population.


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Tenancy at a Crossroads - Analysis of Threshold’s Tenancy Sentiment Survey 2020 by Prof. Niamh Hourigan 

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